Math 184 — Section 105
Differential Calculus for Social Science and Commerce



  • Final Exam December 8 (Fri) from 12:00 PM to 2:30 PM in SRC B. A sample final exam is HERE . You should try to do the sample final exam before you use THE SOLUTION TO THE SAMPLE FINAL EXAM.
    • The information about Math 184 final exam is HERE .
    • Free review session by the Commerce Mentorship Program Saturday, December 2 from 12-2 PM in BUCH A103.  To register, they advise students to both click “Going” on our Facebook event page and register through our Google Form signup (Please select option “1. Saturday, December 2” for the MATH 184 specific session).
  • Another free midterm review session provided by the Commerce Mentorship Program.  Saturday, November 4, 12pm-3pm in LSK 200.  Here is the facebook page for the session:  The review is oriented for both Math 104 and Math 184 students and thus I expect it covers mostly the same material that we will have on our midterm.
  • Midterm 2 is Wednesday, November 15, 7:15pm-8:15pm in GEOG 100.
    • A sample midterm 2 is HERE . You should try to do the sample midterm 1 before you use THE SOLUTION TO THE SAMPLE MIDTERM 2.
    • You will be expected to know the material from the following sections: 3.7, 3.8, 3.9, 3.11, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, vertical asymptotes in 2.4, horizontal asymptotes in 2.5, and the online supplementary notes: Ch. 6.8, price elasticity of demand, continuous compound interest.
  • Reminder that we have a quiz and a written homework due at the beginning of class on Oct 26.
  • It is time to accelerate!  We will be having assigned written problems from each lecture.  We will also have quizzes each day that a homework is due.  See the bottom of this webpage for details.
  • Midterm 1 is Tuesday, October 10, 7:00pm-8:00pm in PHRM 1101.  (Not during class time, or in our normal classroom!!)  It will be challenging.  Study well, and good luck!
    • A sample midterm 1 is HERE . You should try to do the sample midterm 1 before you use THE SOLUTION TO THE SAMPLE MIDTERM 1.
    • You will be expected to know the material from 1.3, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.6, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6 in the textbook, the marginal cost, the marginal revenue, the marginal profit and the Notes on a Basic Business Problem online. Midterm 1 will NOT cover Elasticity in 3.6. The weekly learning goals, and the accompanying suggested problems, outline precisely what you are expected to know. Midterm 1 consists of 5 or 6 questions, and you will have one hour to do it. No memory aids are allowed. No calculators. No communication devices. You need to bring your student ID to do Midterm 1.
  • Pick up your graded quizzes at the Math Learning Centre (MLC) in LSK 301 and LSK 302.
  • Free midterm review session provided by the Commerce Mentorship Program.  Sunday, October 1st, 12pm-2pm in LSK 200.  Here is the facebook page for the session:
  • I encourage everyone to complete the Math Attitudes and Perceptions Survey.  It will help us educators to understand your point of view and how it correlates with learning.
  • First quiz will be Thursday, September 21, at the beginning of class.  It will contain questions very closely resembling the practice problems (through Section 2.6) and/or the business problem.
  • This first webwork is up, “Diagnostic test”, “Introduction”, and “Assignment1”.  That’s a lot of webwork, so start now!
    • “Diagnostic test” will give you feedback on your level of preparedness for calculus. At the end of the assignment, students will be directed to a Precalculus Review Course.
    • “Introduction” will show you how to input webwork answers.
    • “Assignment1” is the main course assignment on the material we are learning.


Instructor: Yaniv Plan
Office: 1219 Math Annex
Email:  yaniv (at) math (dot) ubc (dot) ca

Lectures: TTh 3:30-5:00, Math 100.

Office hours (tentative):  Tuesdays 10:00 – 11:00am, Wednesdays 9:40-11:00am, 1219 Math Annex.

Common course webpage: (A lot of important information here.)

Grading scheme:

  • 50% Final Exam + 25% 2 Midterms + 10% Math 184 Workshops + 10% Webwork Homework + 5% quizzes and/or homework for this section.
  • Your lowest webwork score and your lowest quiz score will be dropped.
  • A student must get at least 40% on the final exam to pass this course. A student who gets less than 40% on the final exam and whose grade computed by the grading scheme would be a passing grade shall receive a final grade of 48%.”


  • Math Learning Centre. (MLC for short) A space for undergraduate students to study math together, with friendly support from tutors, who are graduate and undergraduate students in the math department. The MLC is located at LSK301 and LSK302. Every undergraduate student studying Math is welcome there! In the MLC, students may join the study groups if students wish to. Please note that while students are encouraged to seek help with homework, the MLC is not a place to check answers or receive solutions, rather, the aim is to aid students in becoming better learners and to develop critical thinking in a mathematical setting. For additional information please visit the website.
  • AMS Free Tutoring.  Your Student Society offers free tutoring services.  I recommend to first try the MLC, since that is specialized for math.
  • Piazza.  An online forum for the class.  I encourage you to ask questions here, and to check here for answers to questions you may have.  (E.g., is there a workshop in the first week of term?)  To access the forum, first register at using the access code W17-184.  You can then access the forum at

Supplementary textbooks:

Document Scans:

Written Homework and quizzes:
Instructions: For each class, we will have a few assigned problems from the book.  Do these right after class when the ideas are fresh in your mind!  Every two weeks we will collect these problems at the beginning of class.  

We will have a quiz at the beginning of class each day that a homework is due.

The lowest written homework score and the lowest quiz score will be dropped.

  • Homework 1 due Oct 26 in class.
    • Section 3.8 (18, 29).
    • Section 3.9 (20, 47).
    • Read and go through these examples on elasticity of demand (this will not be collected as part of your homework).
    • Read and work out the examples on exponential growth (to the end of Example 3) and continuously compounded interest.  (This will not be collected as part of your homework.)
  • Homework 2 due Nov 9 in class.
    • Section 3.11 (9, 22)
    • Section 4.1 (43ab, 48ab)  [You don’t have to hand in part c of these problems, but I recommend you graph it to help your learning process.]
    • Section 4.2 (46, 75)
  • Homework 3 due Nov 30 in class.
    • Section 2.4, 2.5, 4.3 (No homework.  Study for the midterm!)
    • Section 4.5 (18ac, 20ac)
    • Section 9.1 (9, 13)
    • Section 3.10 (9, 28)