Hello, in July I joined the University of British Columbia as  an Assistant Professor of Mathematics.  Prior to this I completed an NSF Postdoc in Mathematics at the University of Michigan.  I received my PhD in the Applied and Computational Mathematics program at Caltech, including two years as a visiting researcher at Stanford University. My research interests lie in applied probability, high-dimensional inference, geometric functional analysis, random matrix theory, compressive sensing, matrix completion, and big data analysis.  A common challenge that I address in my research is how to find low-dimensional signals in big, noisy data, both in theory and practice.

I live with my wife, son, and daughter in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

PhD Advisor — Professor Emmanuel Candès was my advisor at Caltech.

Postdoc Sponsors — Professors Mark Rudelson and Roman Vershynin were my sponsors at the
University of Michigan.

Curriculum Vitae, last updated in October, 2013.

Contact — Email to yplan@umich.edu.